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A few menu items that jumped off the page at us

Pork tacos from No-Li Brewhouse
  • Pork tacos from No-Li Brewhouse


Charley's Grill & Spirits

The Ultimate Stack

Menu says: "A creative blend... our five-cheese mac 'n' cheese stacked on Parmesan toast, topped with our stuffed meatloaf, drizzled with sweet chili sauce. Served with sautéed seasonal vegetables."

We say: There's nothing wrong with being an adult and wanting to order mac 'n' cheese at every opportunity. So go for it and try this indulgent, adult-friendly version of the dish, made even more classic with the pairings of toast and meatloaf. Wait — that says stuffed meatloaf!

The Cellar

Wild Mushroom and Pork Pie

Menu says: "Braised pork with wild mushrooms and vegetables, baked in a crock and topped with puff pastry."

We say: This is going to conjure memories of your mom's chicken pot pie, but this filling features some slow-cooked goodness we're guessing you didn't get as a kid.

No-Li Brewhouse

No-Li Chili "Frito Pie"

Menu says: "Spin Cycle tri-tip chili layered on tortilla chips with avocado salsa."

We say: No one in their right mind would, nor should, turn down this definition of overindulgent comfort/bar-food. Pair it with a No-Li beer or taster tray and your taste buds will be blown away with pleasure.


Geno's Traditional Food & Ales

Smoked Jalapeño Corn Chowder

Menu says: "Smoked jalapeños, poblanos, corn, potatoes, onions, garlic, vegetable stock and cream, garnished with cheddar cheese."

We say: Corn chowder is normally so delicious you forget it doesn't have any clams. Hot peppers make this version even better.

Italia Trattoria

Roasted Celery Root Lasagna

Menu says: "Layered with caramelized leeks, Pecorino potatoes."

We say: This dish is bold enough to make root vegetables the star of the show. It sounds perfect for a cold winter's night.

Saranac Public House

Vegan Cannoli

Menu says: "Fried pastry dough, vegan ricotta, shaved chocolate, walnuts and candied orange rind."

We say: Now even vegans can utter the classic Godfather line: "Leave the gun, take the cannoli."



Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon

Menu says: "Roasted on an alder plank and finished with smoked sweet red pepper beurre blanc."

We say: Salmon cooked on a cedar plank is reason No. 397 why living in the Northwest is the bee's knees.

Bonsai Bistro and Sushi Bar

Nigiri Sushi Assortment

Menu says: "Includes maguro (tuna), sake (salmon), hamachi (bonito) and walu (escolar)."

We say: This is actually a first course at the Coeur d'Alene pan-Asian restaurant with some of the best ambiance in the region, and looks like a perfect way to kick off a night out.

Manito Tap House

Fish & Chips

Menu says: "Tempura halibut, vinegar salt fries."

We say: There are a lot of fancy seafood dishes available during Restaurant Week, but you shouldn't pass up a mainstay like fish and chips, especially from somewhere with a solid culinary reputation like Manito Tap House.


Rio Grill Brazilian Steakhouse

Full Churrasco Dinner

Menu says: "All you can eat, made-from-scratch side items. Tableside carved skewers including New York steak, tri-tip, top sirloin, Australian lamb, chimichurri steak, Asian pork, spicy pork, garlic chicken, chimichurri chicken."

We say: Being a carnivore never seemed like a better idea.

Spencer's for Steaks and Chops

Snake River Farms American Kobe Butcher's Cut

Menu says: "Minted chimichurri, saffron crispy fingerlings, oyster mushrooms and onions."

We say: Spencer's knows a thing or two about steak, and you can't go wrong with Kobe anything.

Central Food

Beef Cheek Bourguignon

Menu says: "Five-hour, red-wine-braised Wood Ranch beef cheek, garlic mashed Olsen Farms potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts."

We say: You have to appreciate the locally sourced ingredients here, as well as the fact that they put five hours into this hunk of deliciousness.

Tiramisu from Downriver Grill
  • Tiramisu from Downriver Grill


Boiler Room

Ice Cream Sandwich

Menu says: "Espresso almond fudge ice cream sandwiched between two housemade double-chocolate Nutella cookies. Finished with raspberry compote and chocolate-covered, fire-roasted coffee beans."

We say: A coffee lover's dream, this sandwich is nothing like the artificial vanilla treats of your childhood.

Casper Fry

Lavender Crème Brûlée

Menu says: "Rich, lavender-infused custard, caramelized sugar, fresh whipped cream (gluten-free)."

We say: It's the traditional French dessert... on spring break.

MacKenzie River Pizza

Kentucky Bourbon Bites

Menu says: "Bourbon-soaked pound cake deep-fried and dusted with powdered sugar. Served with caramel bourbon and raspberry dipping sauces."

We say: Is it possible to get a little tipsy just reading the above description? Either way, we're ready to dip away.♦