Live Bands

The Hoot Hoots

When: Sat., Oct. 12 2013

The Hoot Hoots are not a band of owls. Actually, the four-piece is as human as you — their interests, according to their Facebook page, are yoga, Donkey Kong, ice cream and Arrested Development. All of these elements can actually be heard in their music. Their mixed-up power pop is flexible, punchy, sweet — and at times, just like the Bluth family, crazy. With catchy tunes that sound like early Beatles fused with Modest Mouse and the Postal Service, they do their own thing, implementing Nintendo-sounding background synthesizers. Brothers Adam and Chris Prairie started their operation in Illinois, but after moving to Seattle took it to a new level. Their most recent EP Feel the Cosmos, released last November, is imperative listening for you right now. — LAURA JOHNSON The Hoot Hoots • Sat, Oct. 12 at 9 pm • Mootsy’s • 406 W. Sprague • $5 • 21+ • 838-1570

Price: $5