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The Magic of Harry Potter's World

When: July 3-Aug. 12 2017

The worlds of Harry Potter and Leonardo da Vinci — and the famous artist and inventor’s many contemporaries — have more in common than one may realize. Although Harry’s realm of wands and wizards is pure fantasy, J.K. Rowling was partly inspired by some of the most profound thinkers of the Renaissance period, whose ideas and experiments played crucial roles in the development of Western medicine and science. Many of these scientific pioneers were criticized for their theories, not unlike some of the powerful wizards in Rowling’s beloved series. And like Harry and his friends, these thinkers knew that to unlock the secrets of the universe, they needed to study and ask difficult questions. Explore the parallels between true science and literary magic through a traveling exhibit from the National Library of Medicine on display in Spokane this summer. See the library district’s website for details on special corresponding events, including a special birthday party (July 31 and Aug. 1) for the Boy Who Lived.

July 3-Aug. 12; open during regular library hours • Spokane Valley Library • 12004 E. Main Ave. • • 893-8400

Chey Scott

Price: Free