Live Bands

The Woolen Men, Pit

When: Sat., Feb. 24, 9:30 p.m. 2018

If the Feelies, Camper van Beethoven and Devo had a perpetually nervous love child and sent it off to embed itself within the Portland music scene, it would sound an awful lot like the Woolen Men. Like fellow post-punk Oregon stalwarts Wipers, this trio specializes in the kind of lean, wiry rock that you could call lo-fi were it not for the occasional 90-second blast of fuzzed-out, pent-up energy. Other songs unspool slowly over the course of 5 jittery minutes, with a deliberately tinny, spare sound that sometimes recalls Guided by Voices, albeit less concise. The Woolen Men have played the Baby Bar a few times over the years (I saw them there in 2014 and became an instant fan), and it’s the perfect pairing of artist and venue.

Nathan Weinbender