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Trump cheers journalist's assault, the Inlander somehow comes out each week and other headlines


Congressman/ journalist bodyslammer Greg Gianforte - LANCE CHEUNG PHOTO
  • Lance Cheung photo
  • Congressman/ journalist bodyslammer Greg Gianforte


You can't sentence kids to life in prison, rules the Washington state Supreme Court.

How the Inlander, now turning 25, gets completed every week.


Bodyslam poetry
Trump celebrates the assault of a journalist at an event in Montana. (Spokesman-Review)

Shawn of the Red

Shawn Vestal wades deep into the Missoula Trump rally. (Spokesman-Review)

Everybody Hates Jeff
Jeff Sessions is not only unpopular with Trump — he's unpopular within the Justice Department. (New York Times)

Catholic cover-up
Did the Catholic church help cover up the sexual abuse. I mean, we know it did, but did it cover up more than we thought? (New York Times)

The Saudi guard
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is going to attend a Saudi event, despite the regime's apparent murder of a U.S.-based journalist. The Saudi regime, to be clear. Not the Trump regime. (Washington Post