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Windy City-style dogs move into Gonzaga's neighborhood


Chicago-style dogs are now available near the Gonzaga campus.
  • Chicago-style dogs are now available near the Gonzaga campus.

The same flavors fans are familiar with from its predecessors remain the focus of the new Joey's Taste of Chicago near the Gonzaga campus.

Italian beef slathered in sweet peppers. Gyros, burgers, sausages. And, of course, the most popular, the classic Chicago Dog, with a 100-percent beef Vienna dog covered with tomatoes, pickles, onions, mustard, electric-green relish and celery salt. Then there are local twists like the Seattle Dog, featuring a poppy seed bun, grilled onions and cream cheese.

Decorated in Windy City paraphernalia, the Boone Street location is simple, small and much-needed, according to owner Craig Bagdon. "The campus is a great built-in traffic generator," he says, "but even more, it's centrally located. We were having a lot of people coming up to our Northside location, or our location in Rathdrum, traveling from as far as Colfax and Kettle Falls." ♦

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